Friday, June 30, 2006

More singapore stuff

Long tailed macaque

i'm being realy thick and cant find this in the book, was really quite common, a babbler sp of some sort?

Orange bellied flowerpecker

quite a different days birding today, took it very slow around singapore country club and lower pierce reservoir, then on to sungei buloh again.
didnt see many new species but i was more than hapy with grey headed fish eagle, smyrna kingfisher, oriental magpie robin and crimson sunbird along with a few other less exciting things. Also had brilliant views of dollarbird, emerald dove and collared kingfisher.
Had a rather strange encounter witha monkey today, i walked close past one that was picking its nose so i laughed out loud, the thing that gave me a 'what the hell are you looking at' look, so i laughed again, this time the monkey stood up and gave what can only be described as a 'come on then you cheeky bastard' look, so i scowled at it and it ran away.
Monitor lizards have been interesting too, most have ben only about 1metre long, but as i walking aorund sungei buloh, a monstorus individual that must have been over 2metre long charged across the track just in front of me, ialmost shat myself, anyway, all good practice for the crocs in oz, much bigger and much more likely to attack, bring it on!

have taken plenty of photos ,some of whic hwill hopefully turn out quite good, the computers in the hostel dont have an any image editing software so i cant downsize the files enough for web use, hopefully i'll get them online once i'm in oz.

Anyway, i'm absolutely sytarving so i got to go off and geyt something for mthe street stalls, very tasty food and cheap too.

ta ta for now



Anonymous said...

Thankfully you are well and hope you are still alive when you come home.Your spelling is dreadful.

from lydia and mummy

Anonymous said...

The bird in question, Joe, is STRIPE TIT BABBLER Macronous gularis - Klos